Bio-Degradeable Ash Containers

Our new Bio-degradeable Urns and Scattering Tubes are designed to last for a life-time on a shelf but rapidly start to break down when placed in the ground. The Urn lids seal on by simply damping the lip on the body of the urn. This forms a bond but just starting the bio-degrading process. However it stops as soon as the bond has been made and dries. These products require both the heat and the moisture that is found under ground. Where as the Scatter Tubes are made from 100% cardboard and are able to be sealed with glue if required.

Wealden Flat Pack Ash Box

The Wealden Flat Pack Ash Box is manufactured from 65% …

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Ready Made Cardboard Ash Box

Available in 3 sizes with or without a fly leaf. …

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Ash Scattering Tubes

Fully bio degradeable scattering tubes made from cardboard with a …

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This urn has a 3ltr capacity and is available in …

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The very specially designed 3ltr Urn has the appearance of …

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This also has a 3ltr capacity and is available in …

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